Talk Text (Read Aloud)

Talk Text (Read Aloud) will read text aloud using the speech synthesiser inside your device.


It can read emails, web pages, blogs, text from other apps, text in the clipboard, TXT files and PDF documents.

Get the text read aloud as a podcast or as Morse Code.

Make your phone read for you any text you want in many languages!


It can detect Indonesian, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Depending on the TTS engine, some languages that appear in the app may not work, but you'll be able to download others from Google Play.

DOC files are not yet supported.

You can ask for new features or improvements in

You can help translating the app to your language, just drop an email to or go to OneSkyApp

There are two in-app payments to remove ads:

The app uses "Google Analytics" in "anonymous" mode (it drops the last IP byte) to get statistics of use and errors, but do not get any private o personal data.

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